Unparalleled performance

Unrivalled acoustic performance

The SENTINEL® sensor is mechanically attached to the fire hydrant.
Solutions with a coupling magnet on the valve operating square can lead to a signal damping of up to 15 dB, (cleanliness of the valve square never guaranteed, i.e. attenuation up to a factor of x30)

Daily automatic correlation

Each SENTINEL® device transmits its own sound files daily. Correlations are systematically made without human intervention The results are displayed directly on the network map

Optimal communication

The GPRS/3G antenna is ideally located 90 cm above the ground allowing an optimal connection to GSM operators' networks with a data transmission rate close to 100%. The integrated eSIM allows roaming throughout Europe and French overseas departments and territories without additional costs with two operators per territory

Optimized installation

The installation time of SENTINEL® modules is reduced:

  • No programming of the modules
  • No cleaning of the hydrant to be operated
  • No head of the hydrant drilling to position a GSM antenna outside the Faraday cage
  • The installation is performed off-road, without risk to operators, so there is no need to obtain beaconing or road clearance.

The cost of the installation is minimal:

  • No nacelle : the SENTINEL® solution does not require repeaters or radio concentrators
  • No need for installation authorizations

Intelligent System

The number of modules to be deployed and their locations are automatically determined by taking into account the characteristics of the pipes (materials, diameters) and the distances between the fire hydrants imported from the GIS. The Point of Interest Cloud Analysis tool provides a complete view of the entire network and is alerted as soon as a leak is detected.